Scholarship Program

The  Pennsylvania Ground Water Association is again offering scholarships to qualified candidates in 2019.  The PGWA Scholarship Program began in 2007.  These scholarships are funded from the proceeds of the Scholarship Auctions that are held during the PGWA Winter Conferences.

The scholarship eligibility requirements are:

1. Applicant must be a member or have a relative who is a member of PGWA.  The applicant’s relative must be a father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, brother or sister.

2.  Applicant must be accepted at a college, university, trade, or technical school.  Student may be full or part time.

3.  Applicant must submit copies of his or her most current transcripts.

4.  All applications must be received by the PGWA by the end of February of the year applying, so the current deadline is February 28, 2019.

5.  When an applicant has been named as a recipient of the award, he or she shall, prior to August 1 in the year of the award, provide the PGWA satisfactory evidence of his or her acceptance or continued enrollment at a college, university, trade or technical school.  Failure to do so will forfeit the scholarship.

6.  The award is for one year and is renewable; however, the applicant must reapply.

The Scholarship Fund will be  administered as follows: 

1.   The PGWA Board of Directors has absolute discretion in selecting the recipients of the award and determining the amount of the scholarship.

2.  The PGWA Board of Directors has the right to make amendments and modifications to the   eligibility and administration of the scholarship fund if deemed necessary.

3.  The scholarship will be paid directly to the college, university, trade, or technical school and will not be paid to the recipient of the award.

4.  Recipients of the scholarship will be notified by April 1 of the applying year.

5.  Scholarships for more than one individual may be awarded in the same year.

        The PGWA Scholarship  Fund was funded this year through some seed money provided by the Pennsylvania  Ground Water Association and from the proceeds from the Scholarship Auctions held during the Winter Conferences.  The Scholarship Fund will continue to be funded  through the proceeds from the Scholarship Auction that will be held each year.  For this reason, the PGWA Scholarship Program’s success will be directly related  to the success of the Scholarship Auction. Contractors, suppliers, and  manufacturers are encouraged to participate in the Scholarship Auction through  the donation of items, and also by bidding on the donated items.

        The PGWA will be awarding scholarship money to qualified family members of PGWA members for  higher education in the spring of 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

To download and print the 5-page PGWA 2019 Scholarship Application Form, click this link.